Sunday, 30 March 2014

Becoming the Families Story Teller

Its time to finally bite the bullet and begin putting our many years of research into written form.

My action steps were as follows

Inform all possible family members of our project. By doing this many of the family have agreed to share their photos and stories. 

Next, I began learning  new skills in the area of short story writing.  After searching through a few book titles I have decided to work through the book,  Schaum's Quick guide to Writing Great Short Stories 

Finally I began a blog post to keep everyone informed of my progress.

I'm sure that this journey is going to take some serious time commitment and a whole lot of new skills but in the long run I think the effort will be worth it.
For many family historians and genealogists, the writing process can be a daunting one, and more so when the family you are writing about isn't actually your own, so feel free to join me often and learn along with me.